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Supporting Staff

Supporting Staff


We recognise that staff working in the nursery who have become involved with a child who has suffered harm, or appears to be likely to suffer harm may find the situation stressful and upsetting.


We will support such staff by providing an opportunity to talk through their anxieties with the Designated Person and to seek further support. This could be provided by another trusted colleague, Occupational Health, and/or a representative of a professional body or trade union, as appropriate.


In consultation with all staff, we have adopted a code of conduct for staff at our nursery. This forms part of staff induction. We understand that staff should have access to advice on the boundaries of appropriate behaviour.


We recognise that our Designated Person(s) should have access to support and appropriate workshops, courses or meetings as organized by the LA.


Allegations against staff


All staff should take care not to place themselves in a vulnerable position with a child. It is always advisable for interviews or work with individual children or parents to be conducted in view of other adults.

We understand that a child or parent may make an allegation against a member of staff. If such an allegation is made, the member of staff receiving the allegation will immediately inform the nursery manager or the most senior member of staff available.  

The manager on all such occasions will discuss the content of the allegation with the LADO (Local Authority Designated Officer) and Ofsted before taking any action. In our county, contact should be made with Alison Beasley LADO (01865 323457) or Donna Crozier, Assistant Designated Officer (01865 816382).

If the allegation is made to a member of staff concerning the manager or owner themselves, the person receiving the allegation will immediately inform either the owner or manager respectively, who will consult with the LADO and Ofsted.

When an allegation is received, the LADO and Ofsted will be informed as soon as possible and they will be the ones to carry out the investigation and not the nursery.

Ofsted will be informed of all cases of allegation as soon as possible and no later than 14 days on 03001231231

The nursery will follow the procedures for managing allegations against staff, a copy of which can be accessed through the OSCB website.

Suspension of the member of staff against whom an allegation has been made needs careful consideration, and we will consult with the above named professionals in making this decision.