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Employment and Recruitment

We do all we can to ensure that those working with children at nursery are suitable. Our safer recruitment policy involves the following:


Requiring practitioners to inform the manager if they or anyone living with them have any convictions, cautions, court orders, reprimands or warnings which may affect their suitability to work with children (whether received before or after starting employment with us).

Staffs & prospective staffs are also required to disclose any disqualifications involving them or that disqualifies them by virtue of living with a disqualified person, or employing a disqualified person in their home. Compliance, Investigation & Enforcement Board will need to be contacted if we discover that we have employed a disqualified person or about to employ a disqualified person, including any person who was not previously been disqualified but is now disqualified under any new or amended regulations, or through any new offences or disqualifying events that happened after they were employed. If this is the case, the employee must apply to CIE to waive the disqualification.

Not allowing people whose suitability has not been checked to have unsupervised contact with children being cared for at the nursery.

Recording information about our staff qualifications, identity checks, and completed vetting processes.

Scrutinizing applicants, verifying identity, obtaining references, carrying out mandatory checks and enhanced CRB (Now called DBS checks).

Ensuring staff have sufficient command of English to be able to properly provide care in the setting.

If you are a qualified staff & will like to join our team, then contact us below. 

Camera, Video, Mobile phones, Facebook & Tweeter


The use of mobile phones is not permitted in the nursery area or the hall. This policy extends both to staff and parents.


No parent or member of staff may use their phone to take photographs of a child in the nursery.


Staff must keep their mobile phones switched off or on silence in the manager's office or in locked up lockers provided. They must use them only in the manager's office or outside the building and not in any area adjacent to the children's play area if children are playing there.


A dedicated camera is available to take photographs- parents/carers may ask for a copy of photos but only of their own child unless all parents in any group photo have given consent, or their faces/bodies will be blacked out on the computer before printing.

Photographs may be taken for the purposes of observation of a child only using the dedicated camera. These photos must be transferred to the child's file and only shared with the parent/guardian of the child.


All photos are to be deleted from the dedicated camera as soon as possible.


No photo taken in the nursery may be uploaded to any internet source or shared by mobile phone unless a media consent form has been signed and parents are happy for their child to appear on the nursery website/Facebook page (for example).


Staffs and parents are not to make comments about children or share details about any nursery incidents, the running of the nursery or negative comments about the nursery via Facebook or other social networking places, or send comments/pictures/details by email or text.


Parents may not use cameras on outings or in the nursery but the nursery camera may be provided and with parents’ permission, the photos shared.



The Prevent duty: What it means for childcare providers

It is essential that all staff working at Little Treasure Day Nursery are able to identify children who may be vulnerable to radicalization and to keep them safe.

The duty placed on childcare providers covers:

Risk Assessment

Changes in children’s behaviour which could indicate that they may be in need of extra help or protection but they need to be able to identify the risk, the key person knowing their children well.

Children at risk of radicalization may display different signs or seek to hide their views.

Work colleagues should use their professional judgement.

Follow existing safeguarding policies.

Refer to Prevent leads for Oxfordshire.

At Little Treasure Day Nursery work colleagues should understand when it is appropriate to make a referral to the Channel Programme.

Channel is a programme which focus on providing support at an early stage to people who are identified as being vulnerable to be drawn into terrorism.

At Little Treasure Day Nursery all work colleagues have completed the online general safeguarding awareness training module on Channel. It provides an introduction to the topic covered by this advice, including how to identify factors that can make people vulnerable to radicalizations and case studies illustrating the types of intervention that may be appropriate, in addition to Channel awareness.