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Working in partnership

Little Treasure Day Nursery has a duty to work with existing partnerships to protect children from drugs, neglect, sexual exploitation; contact numbers and information can be obtained from safeguarding board in the playroom.

All work colleagues are to follow safeguarding procedures that are laid down in the handbook.


Reporting of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a mandatory duty for all childcare providers. This duty requires all relevant professionals in England and Wales to report new cases of FGM in under 18s which they identify in the course of their professional work to the police. The police will suggest the process to follow and an overview of action which may be taken if the setting fails to comply.

All work colleagues at Little Treasure Day Nursery are required to take on training on FGM, read the procedure and sign that they have read and understood it.


Administering medication, Inhalers & Epipen.

Should your child need to use an inhaler or the use of epipen whilst at nursery, your child’s key Person will need to be trained by your child’s health visitor.

Inhalers and Epipen need to be handed to child’s Key Person and stored safely in a sealed container out of the children’s reach. Inhalers & epipen should never be left in children’s bags.

Correct forms need to be completed, signed and dated.

Should we need to use an inhaler or the Epipen whilst at nursery, the nursery will administer the inhaler according to parent/doctor’s instructions. Please understand and accept that you will also be asked to sign the Medicine Control Form at the end of the session in which your child has been given the inhaler or Epipen. In case of Epipen parent will be called straight away.


Risk assessment will be in place for children who require the use of Epipen; what signs to look for.