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Welcome Leaflet


What we provide

  • Provide healthy breakfast (cereals, toast, homemade pancakes and crackers)
  • Provide healthy pudding at lunch (fruits, yoghurts, jelly, ice cream)
  • Provide healthy tea (crackers, biscuits, breadsticks, cheese twists)


At all meal times, we provide cows milk and water. We also provide a range of fresh fruit& raisins.


What you need to Provide

  • A healthy and nutritious main meal for lunch.
  • Wellington boots and waterproof suits for Outdoor play.
  • We do not allow cakes, sweets, chocolates and juice drinks. No nuts. Parents and carers may bring a cake in if it is their child’s birthday. Please make sure circular food items, like grapes and cherry tomatoes are cut in half to minimise choking hazards. You can bring in meals to be warmed up by kitchen staff.
  • Provide an adequate supply of nappies (bring a pack and we will let you know when they need replenishing), wipes and nappy rash creams. Please only provide pull ups, if your child is toilet training, otherwise nappies with straps only. 
  • Label everything! Bottles, Dummies, Lunch containers, welly boots, coats, etc.
  • Bring a bag of spare clothes and any weather permitted clothing for that time (e.g. hats, gloves, coats and so forth). No plastic carrier bags.
  • Bring own bedding if your child is having a sleep at nursery. You should take bedding home to wash weekly.






We are using the ‘Baby’s Days” app. This is an online learning journey and communication portal where Parents can work in Partnership with us. Check it out.




 Lunch ideas: a meal in a container to be heated by kitchen staff, sandwiches, cold pasta dishes, etc. Please note– We can not cook meals, but can heat in microwave or on the hob.






PLEASE NOTE: As your child’s place is theirs alone, if  they are off for any reason; sick, on holiday or just a day at home you will still be charged for the days they are contracted. We do not swap sessions. To terminate your child’s place there is a 4 week notice period.